Beauty of Psychology

The following is a strong message from Ana, please read and let me know what you think.

My name is Dr. Ana Maria Holder, I am the director of a local community center, that was established to help families in need. While we tend to many different patients, we strive to help who are in most financial need. We provide therapeutic services to children, teens, elders, and families, through art therapy, counseling, career development services, developmental evaluations, and more. Below, are some of our services.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive testing for Sensory-motor, Pre-operational, Concrete operational, and formal operational development stages. Our child development team, consists of social workers, psychologists, and educational specialists, who will serve as a liaison between schools and families by identifying and meeting the needs of the child.

Parents who are concerned regarding the cognitive development of their child, or have noticed a delay in the cognitive development of the child. Areas assessed under cognitive development include but are not limited to the following: memory, information processing, fine motor skills, visual acuity, and speech.

The center offers age-appropriate cognitive development testing. Currently eligibility determination for our services is based on individual assessment results. The recommendation & results of our Social worker, family counselor, and DAS-II, and WPPSI-IV test results; are all considered when determining eligibility.

Candidates who are found eligible for services, will receive the respective therapies between once and three times per week. In addition, families who do not have transportation and/or have other minor children living at the home, may be eligible for in-home therapy services.

Our education specialists, have experience with IEP processes, rights, and regulations. Our team will serve as mediators to the families receiving assistance, and will provide schools with referrals and recommendations, in an effort to meet the educational, and cognitive needs of the child.

Social Development

Our center for children, offers a safe and dynamic environment for children ages 0 months to 5 years. We strive to tend to the individual needs of each child, while encouraging development of creativity and individuality. At our center, we understand that each child has unique talents and challenges. Each child is matched with a para-professional, in an effort to strengthen areas that may appear to be problematic. Furthermore, the interaction with other children and the creative approach that we take towards learning, will assist each child in developing the necessary social skills for their respective age group.

Many parents come to our center, expressing concern for the social development of their child (children). Parents whose children are either in play groups, day care, homeschooling, or have other siblings at home; at times worry about the social development of their child when compared to those of others. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for parents with more than one child, to notice that both children are not developing the same. While this is usually considered normal behavior.

While there are guidelines for stages of development, it is important to note that all children develop differently. Many factors, can attribute to a slower, faster, or on time development. Items such as cultural background, siblings, home environment, genetics, social & medical history, etc. are all factors to consider when evaluating the social and emotional development of a child.  It is not uncommon for families who have more than one child, to have a completely different experience with each child. Furthermore, some psychologists suggest that children born after the first child, tend to develop at a slightly lower pace.

These are just a few examples, of the services that our center offers. Proper development, is imperative for the health and well-being of children and families. Through the use and implantation of proper assistance, we can help build a better community, and a better environment for everyone. Our priority is helping others without discriminating based on social, political, spiritual, cultural, or financial basis. We warmly welcome all of those in need of help, and extend our services to assist as many families as possible.