World Topics

There are many topics of controversy surrounding the world. These range from legalization of Marijuana, to Cloning. Whether the subject involves medicine, religious views, political stances, celebrities, terrorism, or gender quality, the truth is that people will always find reasons to talk, debate, and even protest against issues that they do not seem fit, or acceptable to society. I have listed a couple of these controversial topics below, as well as my personal views and opinions on them.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

My view on children playing organized tackle football in light of the medical documentation surrounding the risks of “CTE” (Chronic traumatic Encephalopathy) and concussions.

In my opinion, decisions pertaining to the health of a minor should be carefully made in accordance with various factors including but not limited to: the preference of the child (taking age and maturity into consideration), the personal preferences of the parents, religious beliefs (if applicable) and the health condition of the minor. These decisions are very personal and while they may lead to negative consequences, there are every day factors that do so as well.

Currently, while there is no cure for CTE, it is preventable as it is associated with repeated numerous concussions. Steps to avoid Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy from happening, include the use of special sporting helmets, proper monitoring of visible dangerous signs and observation of potential symptoms.

I do not oppose of my children playing organized tackle football today in light of the medical documentation surrounding the risks of CTE.


My views on Beyoncé’s controversial performance during the 2016 Super Bowl.

I believe that Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl was a reflection of multiple factors. These may have been related to: Sociopolitical concerns, personal beliefs and individual experience. As a result, I don’t believe that it was neither appropriate or inappropriate.

Looking back at videos and images of the half time show, the vast majority of the crowd appeared to be enjoying Beyoncé’s performance and there were no evident signs of crowd disruption, riots or public disturbances. It wasn’t until after the show, when people found an opportunity to attack and criticize the show based on their own political views, background and ethnicity.

In either event, I don’t feel as if the performance was offensive. The aforementioned publication was an enforcement of freedom of speech under the first amendment. While there may be an argument as to whether the performance was content-neutral or not, many seem to have interpreted it as an act that enabled negative social association.

It is for the above reasons that I am also neutral as to whether or not public figures have a responsibility to weigh-in or be involved in sociopolitical issues. I personally do not deposit faith in celebrities and non the less when they have such a tendency to create drama and be involved in reckless behavior and negative impacting scandals.

Most celebrities, should limit their job to entertaining rather than trying to be the ambassadors of the world. While I understand and agree that most of this is done as a marketing or campaign strategy; I’d place more confidence in a stranger who has a strong back-ground and education experience than in a celebrity.

I understand the importance and responsibility of having a voice but I don’t feel like there is a cookie cutter answer for this topic or any other controversial world topics. Ideally, people are able to handle controversies in a subtle and respectful way. Understanding that each person has the right to a different opinion, is key when debating on topics such as these. Many harsh circumstances, arise from the behavior of people towards these topics, thus causing even more damage, and detrimental consequences to the human race, and to the world.

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